Happy Oscar Sunday Everyone!!

As you get ready to watch people’s dreams come true on the Oscars tonight on ABC along with the other one billion viewers in 225 countries, I wanted to give you an insider’s look at the gorgeous Academy Awards envelope.

I was honored to be invited by the brilliant creator of the Academy Award Envelope since 2011, Marc Friedland to an Academy Award Envelope Viewing Party earlier this week.

Marc Friedland Couture Communications has created some of the most unique invitations for the world’s biggest celebrities and notable icons from Oprah to Spielberg and everyone in between for the past 28 years.

I brought my talented graphic designer friend, Jess Becker of From Rain to Shine who I knew would appreciate the artistry we were going to witness.

As Jess + I arrived, the red carpet was literally rolled out for us upon entering Marc’s inspiring warehouse studio of couture creativity.

Marc Friedland Couture Communications

Red Carpet Entry

His staff was diligently assembling the 363 cards needed for tonight’s ceremony. 3 envelopes per category plus 3 cards per nominee in each of the categories were produced for a total of 72 envelopes.

Once the winning envelope is opened, the other 2 back-up envelopes are destroyed by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Such a shame, but makes the envelope even more priceless for the actual winner.

Oscar Envelope Creation

Staffer Assembling Academy Award Envelopes


In person, the envelope is even more stunning to see and hold!!
The Envelope Please - Simply Troy

The Winners Envelope

It is actually 1/4 pound and 1/8″ thick!! Over 40 yards of rich red double faced satin are used for the official PwC seal!!

Plus, it takes 10, yes 10 old-world print + bookbinding processes, 4 distinct papers (the gold metallic paper is hand-made in Germany) and 110 man-hours to make each envelope!!

Now that’s what I call artistry and incredible attention to details. A SIMPLY TROY FAVORITE!!!

1/8" Thick 1/4 Pound Weight

Red Ribbon


My timing was perfect as I walked up just as SANDRA BULLOCK’s card was being created. She’s my pick for 2014 BEST ACTRESS in GRAVITY so I’m hoping this one will be in her hands in just a few hours.

Sandra Bullock

What’s a party without being greeted by the devilishly delicious Baileys Glamour Shot and Ciroc Coco Light Martini. I may have had 1 (okay 2) of the Baileys Glamour Shots. It’s the Oscar Envelope people I had to celebrate it!!!

Try out these drink recipes for your next Oscar party. The actual edible gold flakes around the rim of the shot glasses is a classy touch!! SIMPLY TROY APPROVED!!!


The food catered by Chef Anthony of Du Nord au Sud Catering & Specialty Pastries and Monsieur Marcel provided the perfect nosh as we mingled. Chef Anthony’s food flavors were excellent and the presentation was beautiful.

I especially loved his tomato tart with honey roasted heirloom cherry tomatoes and the shrimp with lemon mousse + lemon zest. My mouth is watering just thinking about it again.


Paying attention to the details, I loved the embroidered linen napkins with Marc’s Couture Communications logo on them for all of the noshes.

Plus, they sent us home with a red carpet coaster and a hand-crafted, limited edition, authentic Oscar winners envelope replica. Such a fabulous memento to remember the day and to have forever. Next best thing to having an Oscar, right? haha



Jess + I had some fun goofing around in the Photo Booth.

Photo Booth Fun with Jess

Thank you Marc for the golden invitation to see your incredible artistry up close before the rest of the world sees it tonight.

Hope everyone has fun winning their Oscar betting pools tonight and be sure to notice the stunning envelopes for all 24 of the categories. Hope you enjoyed the insider’s scoop!!

Thanks for reading Simply Troy and have a Simply Oscar Night!!!

Marc and I - Oscar Envelope Party